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 -AC Recruitment page

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PostSubject: -AC Recruitment page   Wed Aug 04, 2010 10:33 pm

https://i.servimg.com/u/f36/15/46/53/60/recrui10.png" border="0" alt="" />

Assassin's Creed Clan is officially recruiting any potential ninjas to join the brotherhood. Before trying out to join the -AC, i

would like to inform you that Assassins are those who are loyal, respectful, and friendly to anybody. If you found yourself not

worthy to be a Assassin, then please do not attempt to join.


Five (5) ways in joining the brotherhood:

1.Streak test: You must have a streak not lower than +7 streak, and this should be visible in your profile.

2.Ratio test: You must have a winning ratio not lower than 55%, with at least 30 battles made, and it should be visible

in your profile again.

3.Gfxer / Gfx test: You must present and post a sample of your work; two (2) avatars, and two (2) signatures, with -AC

clan symbol.

4.PB test: You must battle the three Creed Council; Black_Dynamite, ninja_killa, and zyr_phythie. You need to have a

vote from them base on 2/3. ( You don't need to win in order to have their votes, just show what you can do, and be good


5.Excemption: Through invitation by the leaders of the clan, and also to the winners of tourney's that -AC hosted.

Note: You only need to accomplish one (1) of the said requirements. Also a proof of your accomplishments must be visible in

your profile. Once you attain one of the requirements, a simple post here, or send a PM to kaizen_zyr or kreed_assasin,

specifying which requirement you have done and with the registration form.

Registration Form

-Age :
-How active you are : (for ex. 5hrs/day at least 5days a week)
-Previous Clan :
-Reasons why you left :
-Reasons why you like to join -AC :
-Which requirements you attained:

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-AC Recruitment page
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