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 -AC History

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PostSubject: -AC History   Tue Aug 03, 2010 7:47 pm

Chapter 1. Assassin's Creed

On February 18, 2010, it was the day when chaos arise to the world of “War of Ninja”, one of the ninja Elamento12, decided to create a brotherhood for all the ninjas who fight in the arena, and he created the clan called Assasins Creed, together with kreed_assasin and Allanate they fought in the arena and showed their abilities to everyone, but unfortunately, only kreed_assasin and his family was left in the battle field.

Chapter 2. The Family

kreed_assasin, was the only one left in the three founders of the clan, but he never lose hope, together with his family, NZ_SAS, ninja_killa, ninja-pimp, Black_Dynamite, Afro-Samurai, and all the Assassins, they stand in the edge of the arena and showed to all what they can do, they have proven the greatness of the brotherhood, they gave hope to the clan and raise the clan as it should be, and that even without elamento12 and Allanate they will survive the chaotic world of “War of Ninja”.

Chapter 3. The Couple

The “War of Ninja” became known to all. Lots of ninjas came, to show their abilities and talents in the battle field. On May 6, 2010, a couple namely kaizen_zyr, and zyr_phythie came from an ancient world of Naruto-Arena showed what they can in the battle field. They brought their abilities and talents in war and have proven themselves great to all the ninja’s, and that was the time kreed_assasin heard a lot of about the couple. kreed_assasin decided to met up with the couple, and planned to recruit them to join Assasins Creed Clan.

Chapter 4. The meetings

On May 30, 2010, the meeting of the family and the couple finally came, and on this day also the Assasins Creed recruited the couple. kaizen_zyr and zyr_phythie accepted the offer given by the clan, and together they showed up into the Arena and brought victory in the battle field. Assasins Creed Clan became famous in the Arena, and got the ladder rank of #3 clan, but unfortunately, conflict arise for so many reasons, and they decided a reformation and reorganization of the clan.

Chapter 5. Reformation and Reorganization

On June 9, 2010, the Reformation and Reorganization of the clan has been made. Aside from the expertise in battle, kaizen_zyr created the mountain(Forum), a place where all the Assassins will held their meetings, and discuss all about the clan and how to make it better. Lots of clan have been amazed by the mountain creation, and the Assasins Creed Clan have became more famous and popular in the world of “War of Ninja”, we even extend their territory and created the underground(Clan site).

Today, the Assasins Creed Clan is #2 in clan ladder rank, and one of the most popular in the “War of Ninja” world.

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-AC History
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